Drunk User Testing

The first usability testing tool that tells you how your site performs in the wild

About D.U.T.

So you think you're ready to launch? You've put hours into designing, testing, and implementing your new website. You've done focus groups, A/B testing, and random user sampling to see how your brainchild is going to perform out in the wild. Every scenario has been imagined and countered -- all to the sound of raving reviews and wild applause.

You go home to celebrate the successful launch of your new project; one drink leads to two, and two leads to three. You sit down on the couch, pop open a browser, and navigate to your live website to take in your success.

Then it hits you -- you can't read the text. You're one-eyeing the login screen to counteract the weird spinning effect on the page that was not definitely not present an hour ago. You've spent so much time architecting something usable for everyone that you forgot to cater to the lowest common denominator -- the true test of user experience -- the user when they're drunk.

We've all been there. Finally, a web usability tool that allows you to gain insight into how users actually experience interfaces: Drunk User Testing.

Hit the button below to see what we mean (protip: press the 'escape' button to sober up).

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Drag the button below to your bookmarks to get drunk on the site of your choosing. Press the 'escape' button to sober up.

(Only tested on Safari and Chrome)

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Feel free to reach out with any feedback or examples of usability issues discovered with D.U.T.